Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Sounds Special: Iceage, Planet Asia & Sielunvihollinen

Brilliant young Danish punks Iceage have released "Coalition", the first song to appear from their upcoming second album "You're Nothing," which is due to be released on February 19th. "Coalition" sees the band sounding cleaner and more controlled than any of the moments on their fantastic 2011 debut (which was one of my favourite records of that year). However, this has in no way diluted Elias Bender's snarling, snotty delivery, or the band's penchant for writing vicious, thrilling and deliriously catchy punk tunes.

Producer Gensu Dean and rapper Planet Asia have joined forces to release a single by the title of "Faces on the Dollar", which will appear on a collaborative album titled "Abrasions." Production wise the song is a near masterpiece. A spacey, slightly squelchy and reflective synth flutter forms the main part of a melody as a profound and memorable bass line and clicking beat drive it forward. Planet Asia's lyrical ruminations deal with having what he never had growing up- money, and enjoying it, whilst realising what a hardship gaining money can be. 

The final track of this New Sounds edition comes from Sielunvihollinen, and elusive Finnish Black Metal group who have just dropped this incredibly raw and fuzzy demo. It's not exactly drenched in virtuosity, but it's how old- school Black Metal should be done, and has an epically melodic lead guitar line bringing to mind the soaring qualities of bands like Agalloch. 

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