Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Sounds- New David Bowie!

At 5am this morning, the Deity that is David Bowie released the first single to be taken from his new album "The Next Day" (due out 12th March) called "Where are we now?" to celebrate his 66th Birthday. The song traverses along a slow, quietly grandiose trajectory through lushous piano chords, '80s synths and a shimmering guitar line towards the end, and Bowie rounding off the song lyrically by asserting a sense of positivity as he sings "As long as there's me... As long as there's you."

It's perhaps not as profound as would have been preferred, but it is still quite lovely. And of course, Bowie albums are famously wrapped in diversity, so maybe there'll be some more kicking tracks on "The Next Day." Nevertheless, this is worth a listen, as is anything the man puts out.

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