Friday, 7 September 2012

On The House

Artist: Slaughterhouse
Album: On The House
Release Date: N/A

Largely immemorable, both lyrically and production wise

The charm in Wu- Tang Clan's trademark aggression and vicious raps about various criminal inclinations from sexual abuse to killing cops, was that they pulled it off so effortlessly and memorably. Slaughterhouse's "On The House" however, which drops a few days shy of the release of their official album "Welcome To Our House", won't share the same legacy. For all it's try hard dark witted "humour" and forcefully attempted hard- hitting style, it remains for the most part unimaginative and forgettable, both production wise and lyrically. The 14- minute long closer "Truth Or Truth, Part 1" is supposedly personal, but it's likely that you'll be so bored by this point that you'll feel nothing.

Key Tracks: "On The House"


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