Sunday, 2 September 2012

New Sounds: Merchandise

Picture of Merchandise
Anglophilia has been sweeping the brains and dreams of many a young American indie band for the past couple of years now, a movement that was (although not started) spearheaded by The Drums with the release of the self- titled debut in 2010. Tampa Bay, Florida trio Merchandise, however, are putting the most refreshing and innovative spin on Island- bashing I've heard yet.
Their latest single "In Nightmare Room", which came out last week, is a fusion of cavernous, echoing Cure- esque lead guitar lines, My Bloody Valentine baiting distortion and vocals reminiscent of the bastard child of Morrissey and Brandon Flowers. It's a hazy, surreal but supremely catchy affair. It is, by most standards, a bonafide anthem, and we can only hope there is plenty more to come.

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