Friday, 11 May 2012

The Weekend Mix- 11/5/2012

Greetings folks, and welcome to the latest chapter in the development of the riviera blog- a weekly spotify playlist that features the choicest cuts from my listening hours. The playlist will be posted every friday and will feature a selection of the best songs that I've heard and have been consistently enjoying over the course of that week. This week's mix, as will hopefully every playlist in the rest of the forthcoming series, will have something for everyone. From the glorious euphoria of Bobby Tank's '80s synth- pop and early 00s R'n'B to the crust and doom- laden heaviness of Flats to the mind- boggling sonic buggary of Black Dice, hopefully you'll find something that you'll like. If not though, then, well... I'm sorry.

I've specifically not included a description of each of the tracks below their places in the tracklist below. Saying this might seem like a serious contradiction, as I one day hope to make a living out of writing about music, but I think there's a certain beauty in anonymity to be enjoyed here. Once you start describing what something sounds like to someone, it may very well go great lengths in decreasing the thrill that they would usually feel about a piece of music that they didn't know anything about before listening. Plus, it's not actually like you NEED me to tell you what these songs sound like... I suspect you can work that out for yourself.

01: Bobby Tank- LionStar
02: I Like Trains- We Used To Talk
03: Alt- J- Breezeblocks
04: Mystery Jets- Greatest Hits
05: 2:54- Creeping
06: Flats- Foxtrot
07: Black Dice- Spy Vs. Spy
08: Off!- Wiped Out
09: Blacklisters- Trickfuck
10: Gravenhurst- The Prize

Enjoy this week's playlist, which you can listen to via spotify in a link posted here:

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