Saturday, 26 May 2012


Artist: Beach House
Album: Bloom
Release Date: 15/5/2012

They may be four albums in and still peddling dream- pop rhetoric, but Beach House prove they're still the best in the game, even if "Bloom" isn't always that interesting

There's always been something in place to rank Beach House high above the rest of the dream- pop/ chillwave contingent and that is largely due to their ambition and, well, ability. By the end of 2009 it was embarassing to be lumped in with the chillwave lot, even for said scene's instigators. Alas, Beach House peddled on, their ability to craft freshly beautiful tunes and ambition keeping them relevant. And so in 2012 we come to "Bloom."

The New York duo's 4th full- length resounds with ambition and occasionally that of epic proportions. It often makes an effort to sound much beefier, much more overtly grandiose than 2010's subtle beauty "Teen Dream", and it often works too. Opener "Myth" begins with a percussive, metal clang before shortly being joined by a gorgeously cloudy piano line and soothingly warm guitar line, and ends on a bout of rising tremolo picking. "Lazuli" is a cold, graceful synth- pop banger of the highest order, resoundingly open for a Beach House track. In stark contrast to the icy and dense glacial music, Victoria LeGrand searches her heart and finds the warmest interpretations of love residing there as she sings "Like no other you can't be replaced."

"Bloom", true to the risk Beach House and dream- pop in general all too often run, is sometimes laborious, like on "Wishes" and "New Year", the latter of which's verses are unfortunately bland and the track's only saving grace is its remotely catchy chorus. Beach House may be struggling to find consistently re- vitalising ideas here, but then they don't necessarily need to. Their prowess as dream- pop half- deities is renowned, and there are at least a handful of songs on "Bloom" that prove that prowess is deserved.

Download: 1) Myth, 2) Lazuli, 3) Troublemaker
For Fans Of: Portishead, Exitmusic, The Cure


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