Saturday, 11 February 2012


Artist: Chairlift
Album: Something
Release Date: 23/1/2012

Colorado duo join the '80s revival in an unashamed and joyous way

Chairlift's 2009 debut "Does You Inspire You?" showed that the Boulder, Coloardo trio, defined by their poppy, angular guitar riffs and electro bleepery, just wanted to have a bit of fun. Having lost guitarist Aaron Pfenning in 2010, the remaining members (vocalist Caroline Polachek and multi- instrumentalist Patrick Wimberley) now had to operate within the boundaries of a strict make do and mend policy. Whilst the '80s synth- pop via chillwave seems generally sincere, it seems that Chairlift, as should everyone born post- '85, see '80s synth- pop as a platform to have fun with, as well as giving it the unashamed nod of respect for being such a staple sound.

Opener "Sidewalk Safari" is fueled by abstract, futuristic synths and a quietly palm- muted guitar, while Caroline Polachek's breathy vocals give the song a sensual feel. "Wrong Opinion" is smothered in a hazy, Talk Talk- esque synthy fog and what sounds like '80s cutting and sampling, giving the song a more cavernous depth. "Ghost Tonight" is unashamed in respecting its heritage, full of squelching synths and the rattling percussion and pounding drum techniques often employed by Tears For Fears.

Whilst the "chillwave" genre now shrivels up in the corner of a dark room for fear of being subject to the blogosphere's literary perpetration, Chairlift are making the '80s seem like fun and almost relevant again, as well as being lyrically heartfelt and dark."Something" is a record so happy with its musical heritage that this in itself becomes one of it's key strengths, and gives the record an almighty boost in terms of just how joyous it is. A wonderful throwback if ever there was one.

Download: 1) Wrong Opinion, 2) Ghost Tonight, 3) Met Before
For Fans Of: Class Actress, Tears For Fears, Cocteau Twins


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