Thursday, 16 February 2012


Artist: Gonjasufi
Album: MU.ZZ.LE
Release Date: 23/1/2012

Sonic adventurer's second proves he's not quite out of ideas yet

Gonjasufi, aka Sumach Ecks, has adopted a more straight forward and straight- thinking viewpoint for his second album "MU.ZZ.LE," but that's not to suggest that there aren't moments of masterful innovation here. "Skin" revolves around a melody purely comprising of soft and gorgeous vocal harmonies and fractured drums, whilst album standout "Blaksuit" samples shimmering and twanging guitars. It's less versatile than "A Sufi And A Killer", but in no way suggests that Ecks is out of ideas.

Download: Blaksuit
For Fans Of: Shabazz Palaces, Flying Lotus


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