Thursday, 21 April 2016

Parquet Courts- Human Performance

Image Credit: ManWomanGradyBaby Flickr 


Artist: Parquet Courts
Album: Human Performance 
Record Label: Rough Trade
Release Date: 8th April 2016

In 2016, when The Fall aren't always particularly good at being The Fall, the blogosphere's self-imposed necessity to fill their shoes is bordering on the desperate. Parquet Courts are among those who have been shoved towards the pedestal, and ultimately your enjoyment of Human Performance, their fifth full-length, will boil down to how much you still need an annual dose of art-rock that thinks it's more innovative than it is. A few hypnotic moments aside ('Dust', 'One Man No City'), front-man Andrew Savage's dark, anxiety-laced lyricism can't save this from what it largely is; OK-ish background indie. 


Key Tracks: 'One Man No City'
For Fans Of: Pavement, The Fall

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