Thursday, 28 January 2016

Grieved- Grieved

Artist: Grieved
Album: Grieved
Record Label: Prosthetic 
Release Date: 22nd January 2016

Swedish quartet's second full-length is a familiar but bleakly electrifying one 

Swedish quartet Grieved are so steeped in both the lineage of their native country's music scene and a more universal grasp of Hardcore that if cut they would probably bleed down-tuned, disgustingly sludgy riffs and d-beats. Thick with nihilism and emotionally charged, their self-titled 2nd LP engages in a pleasing amount of depth and scope.  'Fogbound' and 'Drain' assert a vice grip-like aggression through their myriad of riffs and tempos, while the spaciousness on 'Losing Touch' recalls some of the atmospherics endorsed by Black Breath on 2012's Sentenced To Life. It's a sound and aesthetic that's been done to death, but even so the blood-pumping moments remain electrifying late in to the game (see penultimate track 'Asunder').


Key Tracks: 'Fogbound', 'Drain', 'Asunder'
For Fans Of: Brutality Will Prevail, Madball

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