Monday, 27 April 2015

New Song: Between The Buried And Me- Memory Palace

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North Carolina progressive metallers Between The Buried And Me will release their latest full-length "Coma Ecliptic" on July 10th via Metal Blade records, and the 10-minute 'Memory Palace' is the first song to be made available for your listening pleasure. Crisp and cleanly produced, in some ways it's business as usual for the chameleon-like quintet; it's particularly melodically accessible, but they still weave their way through a myriad of styles and grooves from cosmic, off-kilter slants to tight-knit heaviness and lush psychedelic soundscapes. Keyboardist and frontman Thomas Giles Rodgers' vocals generally lean towards the cleaner end of the spectrum, though his occasional guttural growls still hold plenty of weight and there's even an unexpected foray into the manic weirdness range. Lyrically the track is a spectral but vaguely human affair, with Giles singing "I sit drenched in the summary of my past... Live in the name of the ghost". 

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