Wednesday, 30 July 2014

New Tracks: Doomtree- .38 Airweight

A couple of days ago fiercely independent Hip-Hop collective Doomtree released a brand new song entitled ".38 Airweight." Comprising of some of the most revered and talented MCs in underground rap music (amongst the most renowned of which are P.O.S. and author, poet and singer-songwriter Dessa), Doomtree have been backpacker darlings for about a decade now, and rightly so. Their 2011 collaborative album "No Kings" was one of the finest examples of conscious, indulgent abstract rap that year, and this new track pulls no punches in terms of showcasing the group's respective ability. 

Pieced together sonically by the group's masterful production tag-team, Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger, it's a multi-faceted banger. It's a noisy, restless affair with a backbone of blaring sirens, low rumbling synth-bass and catchy electronic guitar amble. The flows brought to the table by P.O.S., Mike Mictlan, Cecil Otter and Sims are all excellent; the lyrical themes of the hardship of life, growing up and adulthood are delivered via vitally colourful flourishes of language and imagery, proving in spades that they're some of the most creative writers in the game. It's a shame not to hear more of the brilliant Dessa, but her gorgeous vocals add plenty of depth and flavour to the final hook. 

Listen to ".38 Airweight" via youtube below. 

And if you fancy gaining a further insight into the wondrous work that Doomtree do, here's a video of their full live KEXP performance, as well as an interview. 

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