Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Late Morning: A Bumper review special

Hi folks,

I know I've been incredibly complacent with reviews recently, exams and other scheduled things have been getting in my way. Here are a few short reviews of albums that I've been listening to over the past few weeks and haven't had a chance to write about them properly. I should have more time now to go back to writing about music properly, and as such there should be more full- length reviews coming within the next week. In the meantime, here are three pretty good records that deserve your attention.

Artist: Art Brut
Album: Top Of The Pops
Record Label: The End Records

A Greatest Hits re- affirming Art Brut's vital position as Indie's most talented comics

It’s with all their righteous self- awareness that Art Brut have called their first greatest hits album “Top of the Pops”, and in a way it says everything it needs to about why this is such a great nostalgia trip. “Formed a Band” sounds as much an ironic statement of intent as it did 10 years ago, the romantic comedy of “Emily Kane” is Inbetweeners- awkwardness and thus still relevant, whilst tracks like “Alcoholics Unanimous” sounds like genuine pain. As funny, talented and awkward as always.

Key Tracks: Emily Kane, Direct Hit, Pump Up the Volume

For Fans Of: The Fall, Pulp, Gang of Four


Artist: Ghostpoet
Album: Some Say I So I Say Light
Record Label: N/A

A succulent exercise in expansive melancholy

Succulent melancholy is what Obaro Ejimiwe specialises in, and he expands his said field in innovative and poetic style on album number 2. Even if his lyrics aren’t the most potent, the sonic textures and immersive movements that ripple throughout every track here are enough to make even the most stone hearted entranced, especially on the angular funk of “Plastic Bag Brain” and the fluid Gwilym Gold featuring “Dorsal Morsel.” Sparse and cold but swelling and dextrous, it’s a musically evolutionary journey. 

Key Tracks: Plastic Bag Brain, Dorsal Morsel, Dial Tones

For Fans Of: Squarepusher, Roots Manuva, Radiohead


Artist: Vampire Weekend
Album: Modern Vampires of the City
Record Label: XL

Modern life is rubbish...

For all their slightly whimsical and eccentric art- pop fun of yesteryear, Ezra Koenig’s crew are back to tell us how life really is on album number 3. And who would have thought it? “Modern Vampires…” is a distinctly authentic, current record that does away with guitars and illustrious African experimentation for something more controlled, more languorous and something with the American heartland as it’s backdrop for tales of modern life’s most persistent bloodsuckers. It also often taps in to something wonderful. 

Key Tracks: Ya Hey, Everlasting Arms, Don't Lie

For Fans Of: Simon & Garfunkel, Talking Heads


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