Monday, 19 November 2012

Lyme Tymes

Artist: Ivy Dye
Album: Lyme Tymes EP
Release Date: 17/7/2012

A resoundingly grandiose and pretty debut EP from Chicago one man project

The ability to single- handedly conjure up the sound of a full band is a remarkable and not often acknowledged feat. Self- recording artists generally prefer to sink into their own shells and create their own idiosyncratic dimensions in which only they really function and only they will ever really understand (Ariel Pink, R. Stevie Moore and such ilk). That obviously isn’t the intention of Chicago based musician Chris Adams however. From the sounds of his debut EP “Lyme Times”, he’s shooting for a resounding, universal sound. Pleasingly, he gets most of the way there.

All the songs on “Lyme Times” are half way to being fully- fledged bangers. Coming across like a more refined Titus Andronicus with inflections of My Bloody Valentine and Grandaddy, many moments here swoop and soar with diligent grandiosity. This is exemplified most brilliantly by the opener “Yankee”, which has a gorgeous guitar line and a huge whooshing synth hook, as well as the beef of a full band behind it. “Heart” widens the influential spectrum with its glacial ‘80s synths, whilst “Statue” has what sounds like horns resounding in the background during the chorus over bubbling Nintendo- esque electronics. 

With every track sounding proportionally large, one wonders what Adams might achieve if he did ever endorse in a full live band. Musically there’s no correlation between “Lyme Times” and the dusty, lo- fi crackle of the works of the aforementioned self- recording luminaries. But he’s worked some wonders here on his own, and thus either way an intriguing and most likely tuneful future awaits. 

Download: 1) Yankee, 2) Snow Creek


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