Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Artist: Holograms
Album: Holograms
Release Date: 9/7/2012

Swedish punks deliver an urgent and well- defined statement of intent on their debut

Scandinavia is, almost across the genre board, a corner of the world steeped in musical heritage. It has propelled forth some of the most prominent heavy metal bands of the last 30 years or so, something which doesn't go unnoticed or undervalued by those in the metal community. Abba, perhaps the greatest pop band ever, were born and bred in Sweden. And as of last year Scandinavia extended it's genre hopping brilliance to furious punk, as Denmark's Iceage released their brilliant debut "New Brigade."

It's probably not just due to happy coincidence that Swedish quartet Holograms' self- titled debut sounds the way it does; there are rather large portions of Iceage- esque post- punk, and the record is fullof the same cavernous, brooding atmosphere. However, it would be cruel to confine "Holograms" to the borders of "New Brigade's" shadow, for it is innovative and it is entirely it's own record. Whereas "New Brigade's" charm lay in it's unrelenting taste for chaos, "Holograms"'s charm lies in its ability to marry fresh- faced, urgent energy with occasionably insatiable catchiness.

"Hidden Structures" starts off with a frantic but coherent Joy Division- esque bass line, before being joined by a mysterious synth melody and clearly defined chords. "Chasing My Mind" lets the synth overture lead the charge and forms a deliriously upbeat anthem.

It's not all so potent, but "Holograms" is what a debut should be in that it's a self- assured statement of intent, no better exemplified than by "You Are Ancient", an atmospheric homage to Scandinavia's rich historical Nordic prowess. A fine start indeed.

Key Tracks: "You Are Ancient", "Hidden Structures", "ABC City"


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