Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Glowing Mouth

Artist: Milagres
Album: Glowing Mouth
Release Date: 15/1/2012

Milagres' debut presents pastures of sparse beauty and texture

Milagres' debut arrives amidst a sudden realisation from bloggers and music fans that "Glowing Mouth" was one of the most underrated songs of last year. Their debut full- length of the same title shows extensive mining of the territories of subtle beauty and pensive epicness. Coming on like Grizzly Bear fed through a backdrop of the piano synth- fuzz recently adopted by Coldplay, it's quietly grandiose, but it's the more intricate moments here, such as the gorgeous "Moon On the Sea's Gate" that are the real gems.

And just for reference:

Download: Moon On The Sea's Gate
For Fans of: Grizzly Bear, Doves, TV On The Radio


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