Friday, 4 November 2011

Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

Artist: Wu Lyf
Album: Go Tell Fire To The Mountain
Release Date: 10/6/2011

After keeping their identity behind closed doors for so log, Wu Lyf unveil themselves as one of Britains most genius new wonders

When Wu Lyf first emerged in a flurry of strange imagery, stretched out, echoing and cacophonous pieces of self- dubbed "heavy pop" and refusals to talk to the press, nobody was quite sure what to make of them. All we had to go on was a set of demos showcasing huge potential and a band with a ferocious live reputation who had previously gone under the dumb- but- slightly- funny monicker of Vagina Wolf.

Come their debut album "Go Tell Fire To The Mountain", and Wu Lyf pull out all the pretensions and reveal that actually, they're four young men from Manchester who abide closely by their own codes and boundaries, and have a set a 10 tracks that are almost all near- masterpieces. Opener "LYF" builds up slowly from pensive and shimmering organ keys into a stratospheric sky- kissing piece of orchestral pop that trundles along with an afro- pop- esque beat.

 "Such a Sad Puppy Dog" announces its arrival in an expanse of cold and bear emotion lead by frontman Ellery Roberts and his fixating howl, before it explodes into a heavily atmospheric, reverberating and astounding slow- burner. "We bros", the centre- point of the album, is more jaunty, and is sure to spark some no less than raucous singalongs when played live.

As closer "Heavy Pop" crashes to an end, it marks the end of the arrival of a band who fit comfortably into their own ideology, and can work their own rules into masterpieces; more than that though, there is proof that in Wu Lyf, we have one of Britain's most unique, imaginative and wonderful bands that you're likely to hear for quite some time.

Download: 1) "Such a Sad Puppy Dog", 2) "LYF", 3) "The Cave"
For Fans of: Animal Collective, The Walkmen, Vampire Weekend


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