Friday, 14 October 2011


Artist: SBTRKT
Release Date: 24/6/2011

Aaron Jerome adds more colour and vibrancy to an ever- more illustrious scene on his debut full- length

IDM (intelligent dance music), which grew to the height of its complex and illustrious power in the midst of the mid- '90s rave scene, headed full- on into the foray by Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and the like. Those who previously waved its neon flag proudly now should watch with an almost- equal sense of pride as a glitchy revival is being spurted out in all its neon glory from some of the UK's grimiest but most musically vibrant communities.

SBTRKT, aka Aaron Jerome, is one such carrier of the "IDM prodigy" standard whose technical advances to dance music have been rippling through the undercurrent of the UK garage scene for a couple of years, but are maxed out in his colourful and illustrious debut full- length. All of Jerome's skill with keyboards and sky- kissing loop patterns are brought up front present and correct here. The swirling twists and turns, soaring synths and two- step beat of "Sanctuary" create a minor- key sense of difficult epic- ness, with long- time collaborator Sampha's soulful crooning gliding soothingly in dramatic form.

The minimalist house bleepery of "Right Thing To Do" and the deliciously funky "Pharoahs" are like late '80s/ early '90s dance epics given a full- on 2017 swing. The glitchy synth patter of "Something Goes Right", once again featuring the brilliant Sampha, shows once again that Jerome has no problem delving into complexity.

Occasionally we'd like to hear the music speak for itself a little bit, but the lack of which is only a minor loss when, for the most part, Jerome proves himself a serious talent.

Download: 1)"Sanctuary (Feat. Sampha & Jessie Ware)", 2) "Pharoahs (Feat. Roses Gabor)", 3) "Right Thing To Do"
For Fans of: Jamie XX, Flying Lotus, Zomby


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