Saturday, 13 August 2011

Nine Types Of Light

Artist: TV On The Radio
Album: Nine Types Of Light
Release Date: 12/4/2011

Something that has often been overlooked when considering the music of Brooklyn post- punk band TV on the Radio is just how much fun they're having. Behind the lovelorn tales and howls of 2008 breakthrough album "Dear Science" lay a backdrop fueled by the desire to just be well and truly fun to listen to.

"Nine Types of Light," the band's 4th album, is seemingly the first time that the band's poetic romanticism and sharp- tongued political rhetoric is put aside somewhat for a more fun and ready- to- laugh- in- the- face- of- life approach. Opener "Second Song" starts from humble beginnings before building into one of the most jovial and possibly best choruses that the band have ever conjured. "No Future Shock" makes the political meltdown in America seem like the greatest party on earth, as Kyp Malone coos " Shake it like it's the end of time." They couldn't have made their political rhetoric any sexier than on "New Cannonball Blues," which builds up from sleazy synths and an almost dubstep- esque beat which gives way to a brilliant vibrant fanfare of finger- picking funkiness and trumpets.

The old and vivid troubles of love and heartbreak are still present, most noticeably on the wonderful and chiming lullaby "Will Do." But as Tunde Adepimbe yelps on raucous closer "Caffeinated Consciousness": "We live our days now/ 'cause we might not sleep tonight". It's with this kind of buoyancy, skill and the will to have good fun that proves that four albums in, TV on the Radio are having more fun than ever, and we should be having fun with them.

Download: 1) New Cannonball Blues, 2) Second Song, 3) Will Do

For Fans of: LCD Soundsystem, Rain Machine, The Antlers


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